Trawl Winch Injury Claim

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According to the United States Coast Guard, approximately 20% of injuries on fishing vessels occur because of winches.  Commercial fishing boats use trawl winches to move the trawl net that is pulled behind the vessel to catch fish.  Serious injuries can occur if the trawl winch is defective, if operators are not properly trained, or if operators are negligent in their duties.

Trawl Winch Injuries and Fault

Trawl winch injuries can be serious, or even fatal, and may include:

  • Hand Injuries;
  • Head and Brain Injuries; and
  • Death.

Most of these accidents happen when a crew member becomes entangled in the winch or a winch cable. Often entanglement occurs because of one of the following three reasons:

  • The trawl winch was defective.  If the equipment malfunctions then it can take a seaman by surprise and create a serious injury;
  • The crew member lacked proper training in how to use the equipment and therefore got hurt while trying to use the equipment; or
  • A crew member acted negligently and failed to exercise a reasonable standard of care which led to an injury.

Filing a Complaint

If you have been hurt in a trawl injury accident then trawl winch injury law may allow you to file a trail winch injury complaint and recover damages pursuant to a Jones Act or negligence claim.  If you have lost a loved one then you may be able to file a wrongful death complaint. 

Help from a Maritime Attorney

Potential damages in a trawl winch injury claim settlement include lost income, payment for medical expenses, payment for living expenses while you are unable to work (known as maintenance under the Jones Act) and compensation for pain and suffering.  Your accident attorney will review your possible damages pursuant to trawl winch injury law when you file a trawl winch injury complaint.

After your trail winch injury complaint has been filed, your accident attorney will file the appropriate motions and represent you in your case until a jury verdict has been returned or a favorable injury claim settlement has been reached.

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