Maritime Law Enforcement Academy in Charleston, S.C., Receives Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation

USCG, Feb 08, 2008

WASHINGTON - The Coast Guard announced that its Maritime Law Enforcement Academy in Charleston, S.C., received Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation.

"This is a significant step towards standardizing our maritime law enforcement training, and we have an aggressive three-year plan to have six of our courses individually accredited including a yet to be developed law enforcement instructor training course" said Cdr. Mark Wilbert, commander of the Maritime Law Enforcement Academy.

The accomplishment makes the Maritime Law Enforcement Academy the ninth federal academy to be accredited; others include Secret Service, Department of State Diplomatic Security, Federal Air Marshalls and Naval Investigative Service.  These federal academies have all met and agreed to adhere to the 73 professional standards related to law enforcement training.

"Professional training standards validate that the right training is provided to the right employee at the right time.  It is an important piece in maintaining the Coast Guard's standard of excellence," said Rear Adm. Cynthia Coogan, director of Coast Guard reserve and training.  "Accreditation also provides consistency among federal agency training which in turn makes for more effective and efficient partnerships."

The mission of the Maritime Law Enforcement Academy is to prepare Coast Guard personnel to perform as boarding officers and boarding team members as well as to enhance the maritime law enforcement skills of students from local, state, federal and international agencies.