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Do I Need a Maritime Lawyer?

Working on a cargo vessel, oil tanker, oil rig, or any other ocean vessel, is an inherently dangerous job. If conditions at sea quickly worsen or if the ship's crew isn't on top of things, workers on these ships face the real possibility of severe injury. Maritime law governs any issue dealing with maritime injury or maritime property damage at sea. And maritime law can get quite complicated since it's a combination of state and federal laws and treaties. Experienced maritime law firms may be able to help you recover damages for your injuries or damage to your property.

Recently, maritime law has been extended to include all waters navigable in the United States. This includes rivers, lakes and offshore waters. Even injuries sustained on Cruise Ships and Ferries may be covered. One interesting aspect of maritime law is that the ship’s flag determines the source of law. American courts, however, have the power to refuse applying another country’s law. Our maritime law firms specialize in federal and international maritime law and can expertly run your case.

Licensed maritime attorneys can take issues regarding maritime injuries or other maritime disasters to either state or federal court per the Jones Act. There are certain advantages and disadvantages of going to state or federal court. State maritime court proceedings will have a jury to decide the case. Federal courts will not.

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